6 Fresh Indie Rock Finds you don’t want to miss

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The term indie rock, which comes from “independent”, describes the small and relatively low-budget labels on which it is released and the do-it-yourself attitude of the bands and artists involved. Now Indie Rock has a much larger definition but it leans mostly towards the freedom to create and express without boundaries and restraints.

Here’s this months list of interesting new music discoveries.

#1 Greg Hoy’s ‘Highway 101’ is a rite of passage within ‘the great American road trip’

Greg Hoy’s new rock music single is the anticipation of love – maybe for the first time – driving alongside the ocean.

Boo Box ‘Joyride’ is the perfect Summer vibe for fun loving alternative rock fans

“Joyride’  is an alternative rock single from the Arizona band Boo Box. The song has a driving energy with a summer vibe perfect for taking a ride somewhere unexpected. This single is all about having fun.

Lee Fang aka Stereomono Sunday’s fun tongue-in-cheek single ‘Hot Skinny Girl’ 

This song was written as a sign of the times we’re living in: the rise of social media and the attention economy and those who financially benefit most from it.

XUINN ‘Stuck in My Head’ represents the mental struggle between what you want and what you need

The alternative Pop single from XUINN out of Tampa, Florida is about being trapped in your own mind. Drowning in self-pity and sadness despite the people they love surrounding you, a part of you wants to reach out for help, but another part wants to be left alone.  

Alisha Liston ‘Hourglass’ is a song about persevering through difficult times @alishaliston

Hourglass is a song about persevering through difficult situations, whether dealing with a broken relationship, losing a loved one, or just making it through finals week. It’s about knowing no matter what you are going through that emotional pain/grief doesn’t last forever. Healing takes time, and eventually the storm will pass. 

The Fool’s Agenda Blues Groove New Single ‘Moonbeam’

The Fools wrote this song to be a blues groove that leaves you feeling like you just won a breakup in the most mystical way possible. This song is for anybody who needs the confidence boost that comes with knowing you no longer need that other person in your life. 

Discovered on this playlist:

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