Canadian Songwriter Stoneageboy tackles tough climate change issues with music

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One of the many wonderful things that art can do is to raise awareness about important social matters.

In my case, as a musician/songwriter, I’ve always appreciated any art, but music especially, that dares to tackle issues that matter to the lives of everyday people. In the past I have recorded songs that deal with youth and gun violence (I Call Is Name) and the hidden legacy of slavery in Canada (Angélique). My simple song, ‘So U Say U Love This Planet’ continues this tradition for me.

 During the past ten years, I have spent a lot of time in beautiful Costa Rica. Why? Costa Rica, as a country, as a people, embraces the beautiful nature that exists there. I started to write So U Say U Love This Planet while on tour there for my album If Not Now When (2019).

Sadly, it struck me that all the beautiful nature that surrounded me is being threatened by. We simply don’t get it! One of my all-time favorite albums is Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, released in 1971. On that album, Gaye warned of the imminent danger the planet was in not only societally but also the nature and environment. 50 years ago imagine! What’s changed? We are still heading in that direction and climate change is just only one of the harbingers of our eventual fate. So I wrote So U Say U Love This Planet as a gentle reminder to even myself that we all can and need to do a better job or else what planet are we leaving behind for our children?

      The release of So U Say U Love This Planet signals my modest attempt to raise awareness about saving the planet for 2022. I for sure can be more engaged so perhaps my simple song will send me into areas of advocacy where I can broaden my understanding of the many issues at hand, contribute to the conversation, and tap into the power of global interconnectedness that exists today. Most importantly though, while it’s great to keep raising the problems we really need to come up with fresh ideas and create solutions!

Genre: Urban Soul/Country

Sounds like: : Neville Brothers, Leon Bridges, Daniel Lanois, The O’jays, Marvin Gaye, Tom Petty

Located in: : Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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 ‘So U Say U Love This Planet’ is of course a major social matter where there isn’t being enough done to prevent the disastrous direction we are all heading into.

Human-induced climate change is causing Mount Everest’s glaciers to melt rapidly.

It took nearly 2,000 years for ice to form at Mount Everest’s South Col Glacier, but climate change is quickly melting decades worth of ice every year.

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