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Artist: LØLØ
New Release: “u look stupid”

Located in: Toronto, Canada

With lots in the pipeline, Toronto artist LØLØ has just released her bold new single, “u look stupid” via LA independent label Hopeless Records. True to her brand, the song is punky, moody, and filled with badass energy.

Artist: Samy
New Release: Promise of The Adventure

Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop
Sounds like: : Kanye West, Riles, Dave, Jay z
Located in: Toronto, Canada

Artist: A’One The Professor
New Release: I Got That

Genre: HipHop
Sounds like: Drake, 21 Savage 
Located in: : Warren, OH

I’m currently working on two albums, The Sauce and My Time Is Now and an A&R just recently approached me from Atlantic Records. I was offered a contract, but I turned it down because it just didn’t sit well with my gut feeling. I’m also really excited for a show coming up in December in Atlanta, GA. 

Artist: Azemca and Dj space
New Release: Tear Drop

Genre: Hip Hop
Sounds like: : Trap music
Located in: : Montreal, Canada

‘Tear Drop’ by AzemCa and DJ Space is an anthem for young women to accept that life moves on after a relationship ends. The music we are creating is a part of a project that encourages me to break my own barriers by collaborating with different artists who have a distinct sound and expand my art. I am a fan of multi-instrumentalists, but I don’t play music, so this is my way of saying. I can write on anything, as long as I love the beat.

Artist: IVORY
New Release: Bleep Bloop

Genre: Dubstep, dance

For those of you who love hard hitting beats, rising Parisian producer IVORY has come through with an insanely heavy and inventive new single we’re proud to be premiering here on RTT. ‘With so much dubstep around these days, IVORY stands out effortlessly and delivers all of the ingredients needed for a dubstep banger: massive bass, off-the-wall sound design, and smashing drums. The Bleep Bloop EP officially arrives on October 1st via Never Say Die Records – in the meantime stream the lead single below and be sure to follow IVORY on social media if you’re not already.

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Curators New Music 6ix Weekly Picks

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