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Danish Canadian Singer Abøn Captivates Hearts with New Single ‘Firefly’ – The 6IX Magazine

Danish Canadian Singer Abøn Captivates Hearts with New Single ‘Firefly’

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Firefly is an elegant and uplifting song that is both captivating and motivating. It´s the type of song you put on first thing in the morning if you want to enter the world with a spring in your step. It sticks in your mind in the best of ways.  

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Lauren Pedersen aka ABØN

Danish-Canadian singer, songwriter and composer, Lauren, known as Abøn, was first a professional dancer, biochemist, and ultimately chose music, maintaining a strong visual focus for the dance to live on. 

Growing up in the Canadian prairies, Lauren studied classical piano and later went on to learn guitar, bass, cello and drums on her own in various bands, quickly discovering her passion for writing and arranging. She began “The Willows” alongside two friends; a vocal jazz trio, where she was the writer and arranger. After performing and touring internationally for many years from Russia and Japan to North America, her musical curiosity continued to evolve, and she began to explore a new world of sound through the origin of Abøn.

She was accepted to the Banff Centre for the Arts for 2 residencies, the Netherlands International Songwriters Competition, and the National Music Centre in Canada. She began videography and music production, which has now become a key part of Abøn’s identity. She has worked with Canadian, Japanese and Danish artists, and has written music for a Danish feature film starring Mille Dinesen and Ulrich Thomsen, as well as three films featured annually on the Hallmark channel in the United States. 

Abøn has recorded keyboard and vocals with the Beach Boys in California, and has done arrangements and vocal recording for Kevin Hearn, from the highly respected Canadian band, the Barenaked Ladies. Her vocals are also featured on pop star Justin Nozuka’s album “Ulysees”. Abøn is also featured on David Clayton Thomas’s recent album, from Blood Sweat and Tears, among others. Her vocals will be featured on the TV Series in Denmark “Carmen Curlers” fall of 2022. 

Lauren recently collaborated on “The Earthling Project” with the SETI institute, completing her project vision of recording some of the oldest songs of humankind in ancient castles and churches in France, and sending them to the moon on the next lunar mission in 2022, the “Peregrine Mission”.  She is producing alternate versions of these songs to be released on Earth, called “Ancient Harmony To the Moon”. 

Lauren holds a BFA in Dance Performance from Ryerson University, a Masters in Music from Berklee College of Music, and a BSc from the University of Alberta. She is currently living in Denmark working on multiple music and film projects; ”Talon”, an immersive musical experience merging sound, film, dance and deep imagination,  and ”SOL”, an ambient experimental album. 

Abøn is a genre defying artist, described best by her gentle yet captivating vocals, lush string arrangements, and harmonious movement, bringing a classical canvas to her pop-infused melodies. She brings a sense of peacefulness and honesty to her listeners, and evokes imagination, bringing her audience to a world of wonder and fantasy.

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