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I live in…
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada which is a suburb outside of Toronto where the music scene is really good and there is a lot of amazing talent.  The city is suddenly getting some of the recognition that it deserves. It is a scene that has been thriving, but for the most part overlooked. You can say the Canadian invasion has broken that door down with internationally renown acts such as Drake, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and a number of others.


GETTING TO KNOW : Eseme Elango
Song name: We Are Only Getting Older (feat. Mathematik) [prod by IV The Polymath]
Music Genre:: Hiphop

This song is about…
a reflective one that explores the mindset of two 40 something year old emcees speaking on how we feel about the current hiphop climate and reflecting on where we fit in.

Link to play::

My music is…
a breath of fresh air. It is positive hiphop music dedicated to fans of mature substance based content.



What defines “Success” to you…
Success for me is having my music connect with a larger audience of like minded individuals who respect and appreciate what I am trying to do and how I do it. Acknowledgement from said group of like minded individuals is the cherry on the top.

The piece of advise that changed my way of thinking was…
to be true to myself regardless of whether it was popular or not. Second piece advise was to do the music for the love of the music first. If money comes in later, then great! Make timeless, heart felt music that people can relate to. I got this piece of advise about 10 years ago. I have not turned back.

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