Samantha Williams-Chapelsky Finding the Perfect Balance between Realism and Abstraction

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As a landscape painter in , I am striving to find the perfect balance between realism and abstraction.

Artist: Samantha Williams-Chapelsky 

I love elements of the landscape of western Canada and for the past 10 years, I have focused on highlighting different segments of the landscape: clouds, prairie crops, mountains. 

My current work delves into western Canada by using textures acrylic and oil paints to describe everything from slate patterns and stones of the Rocky Mountains to the magical water of glacier-fed lakes.

The early Years…

I began painting at a young age and by grade two was awarded the Emily Carr Young Artist award for my painting titled ‘The house’. I would say that art and the love of art have followed me my whole life – whether I wanted it to or not. 

I am a strong believer in signs and I found myself at major crossroads in my life (and still do) being directed towards being an artist. I went through a university degree program for fine art and can be a full-time professional artist because I followed this passion and all those signs. 


I have always loved impressionists, but also draw from artists such as Frank Stella, Richard Deibenkorn, Andrew Salgado, Picasso, Emily Carr, Frida and especially Georgia O’keeffe.

Staying Inspired…

I try not to force creativity. As much as painting and creating art is my “job” I still want to achieve that sense of wonder, awe, and freshness within my work. So I focus on creating when I feel like it, and delving into my other creative hobbies (which there have become many) I think too often as creatives, we expect ourselves to produce – almost like machines – and this can create burn out very quickly.   

Art today is an interesting topic…

I truly think the art world has been tipped sideways and the old ways of being successful are an artist are out the door. I specifically look at the gallery model of the art world and see a huge shift to a focus on online platforms (even before COVID) and I have seen and reaped the benefits of developing a strong online presence. I have also noticed a shift in the levels and sheer volumes of artists practicing today. I myself have seen my sales double in the last year simply because of Instagram and online events. It is changing – and it will be exciting to see where it goes!

Currently, my work is available online at , on my main website and at Adele Campbell Fine Art in Whistler, British Columbia.

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