Toronto rapper YvngChxppa has been infusing lives with pulse pounding beats

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Nigerian-born recording artist and rapper YvngChxppa has been infusing lives with pulse pounding beats and killer vocals for years. Based in Toronto, Canada, Yvngchxppa is known for crafting killer music that maximizes his innate sense of musicality and musical diversity, as well as for cultivating wicked collaborations with other recording artists and producers. His masterful production work can be found on hit singles like R.N.F. and Demons. YvngChxppa’s collaboration on MonaLisa with fellow Toronto artist Tirothetyrant, has been burning up the streets since its TikTok preview garnering praise for its spellbinding flow and powerful lyricism.

Mona Lisa by Tirothetyrant andYvngChxppa is a boundless drill anthem with cadences and flows which are unheard in drill music, the Canadian based Nigerian artists link up to deliver energetic bars on the hype instrumental produced by JPDrown.The two artists enrich the song with their unparalleled flows, harmonisations, and witty punchlines, this leaves the track filled with quotable lyrics such as “ She loves snapchat and media, I love head wikipedia “.The chemistry between Tirothetyrant andYvngchxppa on Mona Lisa is unmistakable, as both artists smoothly transition between their verses.The collaborators have a long list of unreleased tracks and Mona Lisa is set to be the tip of the iceberg.

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