93 New Music Artists of Canada

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Listen to the sounds of Canada across all genres with this months New Music Friday Canada Spotify Playlist.

Featured Highlight Artists:

Artist: Selena Victoria

New Release: Fortune Teller

Genre: R&B/soul

Sounds like: : Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson

Located in: : Toronto Ontario, Canada

Fortune Teller by Canadian Songwriter Selena Victoria is about a toxic relationship but beautiful nightmare you’ll do anything to keep. 


Artist: Stoneageboy

New Release: So U Say U Love This Planet

Genre: Urban Soul/Country

Sounds like: : Neville Brothers, Leon Bridges, Daniel Lanois, The O’jays, Marvin Gaye, Tom Petty

Located in: : Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Stoneageboy Indie Single So U Say U Love This Planet

 ‘So U Say U Love This Planet’ is of course a major social matter where there isn’t being enough done to prevent the disastrous direction we are all heading into. 


Artist: Jullius Ice

New release: Line em up

Genre: hip hop

Located in: : Mississauga Ontario

Jullius has a talent for free styling his wraps with the kind of confidence and brilliance that makes legends. His understanding of the world around him far exceeds his age and reflects an awareness of real life from the ground rather than an overview from a removed point of view. Count on this artist making a difference with relatable and compassionate bars sensitive to street life.

Jullius Ice ‘Line Em Up’ reflects an awareness of real life from the ground https://www.avaliveradio.info/featured/jullius-ice-line-em-up

Artist: Azemca and DJspace

New release: Tear Drop

Genre: Hip Hop

Sounds like: : Trap music

Located in: : Montreal, Canada

‘Tear drop’ by Azemca and DJ space is an anthem for young women to accept that life moves on after a relationship ends. https://www.avaliveradio.info/featured/azemca-and-dj-space-tear-drop

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