Ottawa Indie Artist Andy Okoro

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Band Name: Andy Okoro

Song name: So Dangerous
Music Genre:: R&B/Pop

This song is the 3rd track of my newly released EP called “Transparent”. It describes an interaction between a guy and a girl meeting for the first time at a party/club. The guy is tipsy and this is the reason why he is a little bit too straight forward but honest. He is sensing that the girl involved here might be getting the wrong impression and decides to let her know that he doesn’t want a relationship or love or anything of that sort.

He just would like to get physically intimate but only if she is comfortably with the whole scenario described. He again iterates that if things do get physical between them, it doesn’t make them an item or make her his lady. He has some sort of guilt complex going on and believes that he’s not the kind of guy to trust and so the lady in question should not try to take things beyond that night.

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My music is…
a representation of my interpretation of life experiences. I draw inspiration from both personal and external experiences and morph them into lyrics and melody to paint a picture or evoke and emotion from the listener.

My music is therapeutic to me and a major outlet to certain frustrations that I find hard to let out. The purpose of my music is to connect with people/listeners who can relate, to inspire as many as possible who are looking to or are already doing music, to leave everyone who ever comes across my music in a different place (mentally/emotionally) than before they heard my song and for an overall entertainment to everyone.

I live in…
I live in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. The music scene here is heavily populated by trap music which I don’t mind personally. But is still quite receptive to other genres and so far has been a pleasant experience for me, as I feel like I have something fairly new and refreshing to present.

What defines “Success” to you?
Success to me is being able to create the kind of music I love (which is what I do now), being able to reach a ridiculous amount of fans that get and appreciate what I do at any moment I release something (single/body of work), being able to connect with big as well as upcoming artists and making a living off of the music.

My biggest sign of success will be a true connection with fans who can feel like they know who I am just by listening to my music. Being in an environment with people who know my music, genuinely like it and are anticipating more will be the greatest fuel to ignite more dormant creativity and passion in me. I would also define success as being known as a multi dimensional body of work and not just an artist known for a particular hit song. Being on the level where my fans know that I can bring it all and at anytime.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
“Make whatever music really speaks to your soul and not what people think is hot at the moment. Anything that is hot and trending was first done by people genuinely expressing themselves and others felt a true connection to it.” The funny story behind this advice is that I was the one who gave it to an artist friend of mine and at the time I wasn’t making music but it really resonated with me. I have tried to stick by it since then and so far has proven successful as I feel genuine and authentic in my craft.

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