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It’s Wednesday and you know what that means.

The Curators New Music 6ix Weekly Picks are here!!

Every week our music curators look to discover SIX up in coming artists you should be listening to. 


Artist: The Song Tailors

New Release: Waiting for Abbey Road

Genre: Indie pop, folk pop, songwriter

Sounds like: :  Taylor Swift folk pop sound, a touch of The Beatles influence in the instrumentation

The Song Tailors ‘Waiting for Abbey Road’ is a reflection on this time in our history


New Release: Head High

Genre: Urban pop with a bluesy dot

Sounds like: : Sheryl Crow, Beck, Rosie Bones

Located in: : Falun, Sweden

Artist: Lines & Laces

New Release: Better

Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Rock

Sounds like: : We are like a mix of Evanescence, Queen, and Mother Mother.

Located in: : Manayunk (Philadelphia), PA

Artist: The Fool’s Agenda

New Release: House of the Rising Sun

Genre: Rock, blues rock

Sounds like: : Big Brother and the Holding Company, Heart, Led Zeppelin, The Cranberries

Located in: : Salem Massachusetts, USA

The Fool’s Agenda Gives a Fresh Perspective to Classic rock Hit ‘House of the Rising Sun’

Artist: Mick J. Clark

New Release: ‘We Will Never Surrender By Extinction Rebellion’

Genre: Pop/Rock

Sounds like: : Bob Dylan. Rod Stewart. Ed Sheeran. Sam Smith.

Located in: : London, UK.

‘We Will Never Surrender By Extinction Rebellion’ by Mick J. Clark @MickjclarkJ

Global Warming or Climate Change, people all around the World are suffering, Governments must act, ‘now’. 

Band Name: Living Waters

Song name: There’s a Woman

Music Genre:: Christian Rock

I live in… : New England

Living Waters ‘There’s a Woman’ is a 60’s Inspired gem for Christian Rock fans

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Curators New Music 6ix Weekly Picks

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