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Curators New Music 6ix Weekly Picks – The 6IX Magazine

Curators New Music 6ix Weekly Picks

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Picture by Artist multi instrumentalist Njordlyd
Picture by Artist Njordlyd

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means.

The Curators New Music 6ix Weekly Picks are here!!

Every week our music curators look to discover SIX up in coming artists you should be listening to. 


Artist: Road Runner, anders
New Release : Made it Happen

Genre: HipHop
Insta: @omarlinx/
Produced by @iamdrewnorth

Making things happen for himself un house arrest during a pandemic lockdown in Toronto Ontario Canada, hip hop artist Road Runner just released a banging new single called ‘Made it Happen’. Back in February, when his EP Forever Alone hit No. 1 on Canada’s iTunes hip-hop chart, he inspired even the toughest critics. Proving that with talent, time, passion, and focus you can accomplish anything you set your heart on. 

Artist: Odreii
New Release: Easy

Genre: RnB

Born and raised in Montreal, RnB Soul singer songwriter Odreii grew up in a very musical environment. After studying music in London and winning multiple songwriting contests, she returned to Montreal and toured with Naadei around Canada. Some of their performances took place at SXSW, Osheaga Presents, MURAL Festival, and Festival des Mongolfieres, where they both opened for Wyclef Jean.

After working on her solo project Odreii released an EP and a single entitled  ”Runs In Mi Blood” in May 2019 . The single peaked at #3 on PalmarèsADISQ’s chart, featuring the most played tracks on Quebec’s english radio stations. Her following single Go Solo was released in 2020 and got her the iHeartRadio artist of the month title in June. Odreii’s new project will be released in the form of an Album and  is  scheduled for fall 2021. 

Artist: Bebeboy
New Release: Drugs Sex Luv

Genre: HipHop

Hispanic born, Bebeboy is an artist, songwriter, and producer from Toronto, Canada. His genre-bending sound, which infuses elements of hip hop, R&B, and reggaeton, has allowed him to create his own lane in Toronto’s music scene. Having grown up in a family heavily influenced by the arts, he began releasing music at the age of 19 alongside his brother and producer, Bounce Zaddy. Inspired by the likes of Drake, Partynextdoor, and Bad Bunny, Bebeboy continues to put out various club hits including Desnuda and Paid in Advance. From performing hosting numerous club events to performing in front of thousands, Bebeboy is set to have an exciting new year. Insta: @bebeboywurld

New Release: Superstar

Genre: Pop
Sounds like: : Lady Gaga, 70s/80s disco singers like Gloria Gaynor
Located in: : Melbourne, Vic Australia

NEZZINA VIOLA ‘Superstar’ is a very catchy and contagious dance track Nezzina Viola is an Australian Artist who has just released a very catchy and contagious dance track called ‘Superstar’. Superstar has a very anthemic style which is sure to get the crowd dancing and singing along. It has a cool retro feel to it, and it is a ‘feel good song.

Artist: Njordlyd
New Release: Subconsciously

Genre: Electronic / Sub-genre: Ambient; Downtempo: Soundscapes: Drone; Meditating; Chill Out; Experimental

I believe music is a matter of taste and preference. Therefore, it is up to the listeners themselves to interpret the track to see if they experience the same or something entirely different. All is possible, and to me, there is no right or wrong when listening to music.

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt
New Release: The Perfect Answer

Genre: Folk Rock
Sounds like: : Bon Iver, , Eagles, The Beatles, Mumford & Sons

‘The Perfect Answer’ by Cabela and Schmitt reflects the idea of accepting our flaws. The new single ’The Perfect Answer ‘ from Cabela and Schmitt reflects the idea of accepting our flaws as well as our strengths. IF what we see is all it’s meant to be, perhaps time is wasted on striving to figure it out in depth. Could the answer be in that acceptance of who you are? By taking pride in how you live and how you treat people, you may be able to celebrate that vision that reflects back at you. Seeing ourselves in a mirror is a challenge but that cold realistic view with all the goodies and the flaws is what makes us human.

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Curators New Music 6ix Weekly Picks

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