Curators New Music 6ix Weekly Picks

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It’s Wednesday and you know what that means.

The Curators New Music 6ix Weekly Picks are here!!

Every week our music curators look to discover SIX up in coming artists you should be listening to. 

Artist: The Zolas

New Release: ‘I feel the Transition’ 

Genre: Indie rock

Located in:  Vancouver

Vancouver indie rockers The Zolas ‘I feel the transition’ from the Come Back to Life album is a driving force calling out for a shift in perspective towards having hope, faith and inspiration to move forward. It’s a perfect summer vibe after spending a hash winter in doors.

From the Album ‘Come Back to Life’

@thezolas :

Artist: Marc Killian

New Release: Think it Over

Genre: Pop Rock

Think It Over by Marc Killian is a Summer pop rock ballad that tests boundaries

Marc Killian is striving to step outside the box on this new single ‘Think It Over’ testing his boundaries and experimenting with a blend of Pop and Rock styles within the intro and chorus. The pop elements make the single catchy while the rock vibe feeds his core audience well. Following his journey, I’ve heard this artist tackle some tough songs stretching from country to hiphop and rock. You can always count on him to bring a strong vocal performance while testing the boundaries of traditional genres. It’s an interesting ride to follow.

Artist:  Mother Mother

New Release: ‘I got love’ 

Genre: Alt Rock 

Location: Canada

Alt-rock band Mother Mother, has had a whirlwind year despite the world being on lockdown. After over a decade of releasing music, a new global audience discovered the band via TikTok, resulting in rapid growth across all platforms and a Rolling Stone feature on this unique artist development story.  In Mother Mother’s home country of Canada, they’ve had many top 10 singles on the alternative radio charts, including #1’s for weeks on end and the crown of most airplay for any alternative act at radio for multiple years running.

From the ‘Inside’ Album

Feature story <more hype here>

Artist: Jules Schroeder

New Release: ‘Restless Soul’  : The New Album Vancouver

Genre: singer-songwriter, indie, folk

a true to the heart single from the New Album ‘Vancouver’ by Jules Schroeder. The album  is a Journey in Finding Your Purpose

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt

New Release: BEAUTIFUL

Genre: Indie Rock

Sounds like: : Tom Petty, The Beatles, Eagles, Moody Blues

A hidden treasure, Cabela and Schmitt’s new single, ‘Beautiful’ has a wonderful message to share. Beautiful by Cabela and Schmitt is a small town Nebraska story from almost 45 years ago

Artist: Njordlyd

New Release: Subconsciously

Genre: Electronic / Sub-genre: Ambient; Downtempo: Soundscapes: Drone; Meditating; Chill Out; Experimental

“When creating music, I let the sounds, ideas, mood, and current inspiration control me until a certain point, where it all turns, and I naturally take over the control.”

Njordlyd ‘Subconsciously’ is an experience of the senses 

Around 3 minutes into the track, I get the sensation of having to cry or being sad. It sort of builds up “subconsciously” from the beginning of the track. During the course of the track, it only becomes stronger and stronger.

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