French Canadian Artist AzemCa Empowers with New Single and Video ‘Ailleurs’

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Artist: AzemCa
New Release: Ailleurs
Genre: Funky EDM
Located in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This song is…
the fruit of the collaborative work of 2 French Canadian artists who wanted to

1) make you dance and
2) tell a positive empowering story with a light mood.

The instrumental piece of the song was produced by Chloe Touma a.k.a Lady Monarkey, who also owns the Record Label MusiqMatch. She was looking for a French Canadian performer who would take the song to another level by adding their own personal touch to it. Someone with talent and stage presence, who also had the image of a fresh face. After listening to a number of demos received by Quebec singers, only one really stood out for this song.

AzemCa’s deep and soulful voice, her capacity to feel the groove and the lyrics and to bring them to life made it clear that she was the right choice. She came up with her own lyrics for the song and rehearsed it, and together with Chloe went in the studio only a few weeks later to record it. She nailed it! The song and music video tell the story of a girl who stops being the broken-hearted girlfriend and learns to move on and get on with her life. In a very modern yet not too serious tone, the song is about self-respect and female empowerment, but is ultimately fun for everyone.

The song is…
unique, catchy, colorful, funky and danceable, empowering for its message. MusiqMatch only launches unique artists, showcasing diversity and emerging talents. Only this year, it launched several singles by artists who performed in French, English, Spanish and even Chinese (Mandarin).
The communities of musicians in Montreal each have their own flavor and culture, yet there are so many undiscovered talents to showcase. AzemCa embodies that: her warm voice and rich cultural background and story transcend the ordinary. She has all it takes as a stage performer and as an artist to turn her artistic name into a brand, and even a new culture of its own.
Right now we are…
AzemCa is working on possibly launching her first album with only original songs, through MusiqMatch. She performs on stage on various occasions but she would like to start performing her own material at upcoming festivals and will need to push for that with her manager.

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