Ontario Artist Robb Hill blends classic 80’s into a fresh New Rock Release

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Watching Waiting’ is an all-time favorite song to sing and perform, with it’s upbeat, flowing energy. It offers both a soothing and danceable mood throughout. It’s a song of anticipation, waiting for everything to fall into place, to find the love you’re searching for.

The music we’re creating is a fusion of classic 80s, 90s sounds while looking into the future. It’s an invigorating feeling seeing someone connect and enjoy the music you’ve created. Performing in Europe was a great experience to see how to appreciate listeners who are true artists. We love to get music lovers dancing and bobbing their heads along to easy flow.

I live in… Vancouver, BC Canada
I was born in Ontario on a farm, where we had lots of space to play sports, bike, walk in the woods and turn up guitar amps to desired volumes.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..

Watching Waiting has been well crafted over the years, and remains a favorite song of mine to perform live, as I see a connection with the crowd quite instantly. This recording was produced with the great Canadian producer Jeff Johnson , who has recorded & written many successful songs, including a, co-write hit “You and I Tonight” with Faber Drive. He has won many awards for his work. We had a great experience together.

Listen to the Interview:

The music industry has gone through many changes and struggles over the last decade. It feels like we’ve finally reached a point where music fans can both listen, support and share their favorite artists and songs with friends and people around the world. Artists are now easier to stay in touch with and can receive messages from fans in a much more meaningful way.

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