Robin Mauer Vakil of Foil of the Stars : OUR TIME IS NOW

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What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
I can’t even remember who this came from, and it was probably not even geared for just musicians…

“How you spend your days, is how you spend your life.”

What I take from that is simple – you can be a musician even if you never reach the level of Justin Timberlake. There is plenty of fulfillment to be had from the act of doing music, with or without the money or the stardom. If you are doing something you love every day, then you’ve already arrived.

Episode 636: Behind the music with Robin Mauer Vakil of Foil of the Stars :  OUR TIME IS NOW

Coming from all the influences they began with, Robin Mauer Vakil & Colin Sinclair have developed a sound that revisits bands they have loved as they were growing up. ‘Our Time Is Now’ gets released to kick off their Sophomore Album ‘Tree of Snails”. They talk about marketing music today, building a music brand and how artists are meeting millions of new music listeners using specific social media tools.

Music Genre:: Alternative / rock / indie

I live in… Toronto, Canada

Person Interviewing: Robin Mauer Vakil

Band Members: Robin Mauer Vakil & Colin Sinclair

This song is about…
“Our Time Is Now” is the anthemic new single from Toronto band Foil of the Stars, about taking control and leaving excuses behind. A reminder that we all matter, and have something to say that is worth hearing.

My music is…
I would say that the music we make is multidimensional in that there are many layers both sonically and lyrically. We try to tell stories with more than just the words, but also through subtleties in the instrumentation and the visual aesthetic that surrounds it all simultaneously. We aim to create interesting music that we wouldn’t get tired of ourselves.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
This one is more ‘straight-to-the-point’ than some of our others, which seems to be effective considering the big sounds we ended up with. We wanted to show our dynamic range in the production, and as a result it felt like the clear choice to become the first single from our sophomore EP, which we have planned for release this winter.

What’s it like to be a musician today?
Creating music, or anything art-related is the best. It is the greatest feeling to make something from nothing, and to be able to share that newly-existing ‘thing’ with the world. It can sometimes be a terrifying and vulnerable practice, but it is also unquestionably healthy and satisfying to put yourself out there and to see yourself getting better each day.

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