Studio Fire Band “So Enticing”

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Artist: Studio Fire Band

New Release: “So Enticing”

Genre: Indie Pop / Singer Song Writer

Edmonton, Alberta

Playing at: Shakers Road House Live

Listen to the music:

Our Band is that we are a High Energy Indie Band and Very Passionate about playing for people. We love to see people dancing and having a good time. This song that Tony Denney wrote is about a guy who meets a girl and is interested in her has strong feelings and is tempted by her but has second thoughts about her as she turns out not to be the kind of person he thought she was .

With the Music business, it’s even more competitive, vibrant, faster pace, the technology has added to the creativity. It is less about Music, more about the choreography of the event. Being a musician today is just as much fun as ever, You want to still be able to create songs with a story to them.

The underground Music is flourishing and speaking of which, being the Drummer I was interested in the sound and recording when we started this project ,I was using the old recording stuff. Then a friend came in one day said he had taken a coarse in digital Recording ,the next thing I know I’m doing it ,then to CD Baby, then You Tube , Jango Radio with close 13,000 views ,Facebook and now I am looking forward to doing this .

We love to create Music as it is really who we are, we feel it was a real gift. You get ideas during the day you call the other person up and go hey why don’t we does this ,the response is yes and we should do this. Next time, Ok, then we are only doing this many, oh but we could this one. Then another call, Oh Hi, you know I was thinking we could add this in here, then there are maybe 5-6 set list books for different venues or occasions , we love to create as it’s deep in your soul ,it’s in your blood you just can’t quit. .



Band Website :
Studio Fire Station

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