Toronto Hip Hop Artist Samy takes us on an adventure

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This song is the first song off my Debut EP “The Odyssey. Much to the theme of The Odyssey’s original story (by Homer), it’s about the adventures and journey this world can take you on, especially the music world. This song is to be seen as the opener of The Odyssey and setting the tone for the next chapter. The main instruments are the piano, guitar, and organ, eventually blending in with a mix of drums and snares. This song is significant because it’s the first part of the next chapter of my music career, and I think that’s something to look forward to.

Artist: Samy

New Release: Promise of The Adventure

Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop

Sounds like: : Kanye West, Riles, Dave, Jay z

Located in: : Toronto, Canada

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  • Homer inspired Single ‘Promise of the Adventure’ takes you on a journey

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